Lets put a face/name to this project... WHO ARE THE HEROES OF SPONGE?!

What about Md5, isn’t he helping? i didnt see his name there…

He may be a little bit into it, but he’s not a core developer.

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As far as I know MD5 hasn’t even got a forum account.

@blood and @sk89q are the project lead developers, as far as I know(by what it says on the lead developers page on these forums).

No he doesn’t, you can see by trying to do a @ on him, it doesn’t come up with anything.

Sponge only has one hero: http://sponge.rocks/


This thread does a pretty good job of introducing who’s around.


The people are working on Sponge are listed here.

Actually This maybe a little more accurate.


Your right @cartman2000.

Your “heros” based only on the master branch and the spout API repo Here

It takes more than one finger on your hand to wring out a sponge. Even the lurkers and chatter boxes contribute to the community, even if only minimally. What makes projects like this so great is the diversity of the people that take part in it. :smile:


Yeh Tay is right, everyone who is active is basically contributing :slight_smile:

Side Note: Tay nice d.p

@jacklin213 Likewise. ;D

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am spunj hero

pl0x giv kreddit

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(Quickly makes fourm account under Md5’s name)
(Laughs very evilly internally)


that would just be creepy…

People are being called Sponge Heroes?

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i guess they are now! The developers are doing such a great service with this project, it affects the Minecraft GAMING WORLD! Tell me it’s not true and i’ll call you a liar!

What you don’t know is that this is all a conspiracy, and I’m the one really running things here. heh heh heh…

This thread is pretty spongy and heroic.