Level Plugin

Godlike plugin for RPG based modded or vanilla servers.
-it could be configed in milion posibilities and used a lot
-level gaining by killing mobs that could be eddit in config
-support for mods
-after each lvl up it pops a messege
-when reaching max lvl it pops on server that “this player reached lvl 50” and so that everybody could be jelly a bit
-After lvling up you can get ranks
-command for giving exp,lvl or decresing lvl and exp
-would be amazing if it used Boss bar and not normal exp bar it looks much nicer :smiley:
-when maybe exp bar is used for Mana or something
-if it can add possibility to disable normal leveling and to use this plugin system for leveling
-items that could boost lvling and such

I know its hard but yeah thats my idea!Would like to hear your ideas aswell!

I know my English is bad chill xd

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Would be cool to see this in action :smiley: