LF > Pixelmon Developer for making plugin!

Im running a pixelmon reforged 6.3.4 server right now, just had a custom built map done, however we are looking for some sidemods for the server.

Work Needed
Basically just looking for 1 plugin right now:
A Shiny Charm which is an item given in your inventory and once right clicked, it would increase the spawn rates of shiny pokemon for 2x on the server globally for 30 minutes. The person who activated the Charm will have higher rate of spawning around him. For example the shiny rate of a pokemon spawning is 1/9000 , when booster actives the chance for the player will be 1/3000 and 1/4500 for other players on the server. Also prefer to have a config i can change the chances.

Im looking for a fair rate and I would leave this to the developer to tell me the cost, i would like a fixed rate rather than a hourly paid rate.

Would prefer the plugin to be kept private, as long as the plugin gets updated im fine :wink:

You can leave a message here, but if you want a quick reply normally i will be on discord Ahritales#3689. Hope that someone is able to help me on this!