lieDown - Make the sponge:human lie down

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Lie Down

A plugin that simply make sponge:human lie down


Use it is straightforward

# make the human entity lie down or wake up
/liedown <command selector>|<human entity id> [boolean]


me.mmis1000.liedown # who can execute the command

Use it as an API in another plugin


human.offer(DataLieDown.key, true) // make it lie down
human.offer(DataLieDown.key, false) // make it wake up

Warning (minecraft 1.12.*)

Vanilla only render it correctly when the human is on a block shorter than one block and have four direction due to a bug.

Forge itself patch that up.

Please don’t make human lie on non-partial-height or non-four-way-directional block when your server has player join with vanilla client.


I like that you added a key to enable other plugins to use it.


A new version has been released for lieDown, it is available for download here.

bug fix and selector support