LifeDrain Plugin & Revive [Im willing to pay]

Hello there Sponge community,

I don’t know if this is possible trough sponge or if its mod based.

I want a plugin that has these features

LifeDrain feature;
I just want a plugin that removes a heart if you die & if you killed someone you get a heart from him and the killed person loses 1. But if you lose all your hearts you’ll go in gamemode spectator!
(it needs to be compatible with Flans Mod & modded weapons/tools)

Revive feature;
The plugin needs to have a revive system that lets you revive players from Gamemode Spectator.
How maybe a playerhead that drops if all your hearts are 0. And maybe something with a totem of undying.
This is up to you!

Im using The 1.12.2 Pack as modpack (can be custom in the future or changed) and Spongeforge 7.4.

How mutch Im willing to pay!

For the lifedrain feature around 15 USD.
For the revive feature around 10 USD.

If this is not enough USD we can always come to an agreement!

I can’t code so I thought Maybe the sponge community would like to help me.
If you want more info or you have it ready just dm me on discord PlumoCraft#8590.