Limit plugin


Sponge limit plugin:

I wish there was a plugin that could custom limit players placed blocks per world. Example there is a player John007. When using command /limits, he can see all blocks what are limited. An example: you can place max 5 quarries in the normal world. If you do /limits then you should see quarry 0/5. If quarry is placed in the normal world once then you should see quarry 1/5. Let’s say that John placed all 5 quarries in the normal world and if he puts down more than 5 quarries then he gets the message: Your limit is full! If John007 destroys 2 placed quarries and picks them up then result in /limits is quarry 3/5. John decides to place back same 2 destroyed and picked up quarries then he gets again result in 5/5. Let’s say that John007 is stupid and accidentally drops one of the quarries in the lava then score should be 4/5, but if he makes new quarry and places it down then score is going to be again 5/5.
Contact me (EnemyCoffin) if you are interested in making this type of plugin: Discord: