List all ID/Itens

I’m looking for a plugin or mod, it’s can list into a notepad all itens with ID’s I have in my server. Probably it’s possible, cause NEI or JEI can search all itens, but don’t have it in a list into the config file. Anyone know how can I do it, or if have any plugin or mod can do it?

Its very easy to program such a thing. If no one comes with a method I can make one for you

Wow, thank you man. I tried find some config with all itens, cause the mods NEI and JEI can identify all itens. If these have some config.txt we could have this information on txt :sunglasses:

I found a way to list all items we have in the server using NEI. Just have to press “E”, go to the options (Left at bottom screen), select “Tools”, click on “Data dumps” and then click on “Dump” for ITEMS.
After that, just have to go into yout minecraft (Client) folder, and gonna be a new folder “dump” there, inside will have a file .csv with all items listed with names and IDs :slight_smile:

Btw, thanks for the att @MoseMister :muscle:

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