Little info on an error please

Hello, first , thanks for your time. running debian 8 bare metal install, sponge the latest spongeforge up, 2366 for 1.10 with forge 2281…running forge 2281 on the server. I am Useing the sponge wrapper,Heavily modded, so I am suprised it all works so well. I dont get any noticable effects but explosions triggers these, from creeper, prjectioles, tnt…in the logs

errorlog -

It zombie awareness a suspect? I can provide other logs, but i didnt want anyone to spend a buncha time on this, I am hoping such a big error message might be a clear indicator to someone that is more familiar with sponge stuff…

Thanks for any info!

It does appear to be Zombie Awareness, yes.

It looks like the za sound tracking has a method that gets a block position. Its the same method used for all the senses. Everything else works. Just explosions. Is this maybe because sponges mixin explosion handler isn’t quite what the ZA’s block position getter method is made to deal with? There are a few ZA sound tracking options I can experiment around with to get a better grasap on this.

Is this something I should gather up info on and work into a proper logged bug report for spongeforge?

For me I’ll playaroun with settings or turn it off, or uninstall it. But would a bug report help the team? Is this the kinda thing they are looking to fix? Is it even broken on this side?

Make an issue and see. I’m guessing it’s something they should fix.