LivingEntity.getEyeLocation() D:?

Is there a method in Sponge API like EntityLiving#getEyeLocation() in Bukkit API ?
I didn’t found it D:

I’am french, so correct my english if I’am wrong.

It’s the location + 1 on y right?

Edit: Nevermind

There is this:

For players it’s +1.62m says the wiki


Ok thanks you,
I will give you a cookie :blush:

Edit #1:
I think a shortcut should be nice in future :smile:

public Location getEyeLocation() {
    return getLocation().add(0, getData(EyeLocationData.class).get().getEyeHeight(), 0);

Edit #2:
getData and getOrCreate(EyeLocationData.class) return Optional.absent()
Any way to know if it was implemented or not ? :frowning:

Once data API is complete it wont return absent.

Ok thank, I will wait :frowning: