Log4j NoSuchMethod error

Crash log: crashlog · paste.gg
Entire server log: Server Log · paste.gg

Using linux machine to host and 1.12.2 forge latest, latest recommended spongeforge build(1.12.2-2838-7.4.7) along with Java 8.

I found a few similar issues on this forum with the solution being updating to latest 1.12.2 forge, but I’m 90 percent certain I’m running 1.12.2 latest and attempted to reinstall the libraries and mod a few times.

Appreciate your time

Personally im not seeing any mention of the log4j library in your log (not sure if it is something that does get mentioned)

I would do a clean install of that forge version (the latest - 2860) and then place all your mods back in.

I will also say that grief prevention can cause issues. It only works on early versions of sponge 7. It got turned into Grief Defender which you either need to pay for or compile yourself. So i would use a alternative

You were right! For some reason, grief prevention was the one causing the issue for me, thank you so much!

It probably expected the older log4j