Logblock like plugin?


Are there any logblock like plugins that you can install on your server? I am looking to prevent griefing in spawn


If you’re looking for a world protection plugin, I can recommend https://ore.spongepowered.org/blood/GriefPrevention.


Griefprevention is super glitchy and so I use redprotect for people to protect their land, I use universeguard2 to protect the spawn but there’s a glitch where people can use buckets in spawn and I need a way to check who placed what block


Can you describe what makes it glitchy?


The fact that the trust command will just delete itself for no reason making it so you need to reinstall the entire jar



Looks like this was resolved quite a while ago! :slight_smile:


But it wasn’t because that was my 2nd time opening a ticket because it was immediately closed after the author replied, after updating both the issue still persisted, I tried commenting on my original ticket too for more assistance to no avail, https://github.com/MinecraftPortCentral/GriefPrevention/issues/839, leading me to see that asking for support was not going to work and I needed to find a plugin that works and redprotect works 100% of the time


Your response (days before he told you to update to latest) doesn’t really state you actually tried anything new, nor does it really ask for any help. I probably wouldn’t have responded to it either, for one of my plugins. Submit a new ticket, detailing what you have tried including the output of running /trust playername instead of just /trust and a log showing you ran it on the latest GP. I’m sure you’ll get help.


the statement was clarifying what was an obvious overlook on an issue I submitted which was completely disregarded, after submitting another issue because the original one was being neglected by the author, I was demonstrating my issue by showing in chat that when I ran /trust it said it did not exist however /untrust did exist it wouldn’t have mattered if I put /trust playername because the command does not exist. I then posted my other issue post which was immediately closed even though updating it did not resolve the issue, seeing from the other post which had radio silence I assumed that once the post was closed the author no longer looked at them, which led me to get the other plugin lol, but this isn’t about griefprevention I am asking if there is a plugin that logs block placement (which griefprevention does not do)