Loggin Failure after Local Server Crash

Running a server on my own computer getting things setup before I decide what hosting service to throw it into, but my computer crashed while it was running. Now the server launches but whenever I log into it I immediately disconnected. I’ve already tried deleting my player data

Running mods, such as pixelmon reforged, twilight forest, immersive engineering, and more. But don’t recall being in any gui menus when the crash occurred and was in the overworld.


It looks like a file is correct that “h2” needs to access.

Due to it being a database lookup, it is unlikely that the corrupt file is stored within the world file. Therefore my advice would be to setup a fresh server in another folder and then transfer the world (assuming you wish to keep it) folder to the new server folder. This should mean that any files created by your server that your not aware of such as a database will be recreated from fresh.

But this is why everyone tell you to make a backup of your server. So in a state like this you could have just reversed back to the old backup

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Every thing I do ends with either a fresh world or 1 of 3 different disconnect logs, so i guess at this point it’ll just be easier to rebuild.

What backup plugin or mod would you recommend? I had originally assumed Lucky Perm or RP would have had a backup system

Usually it is the responsibility of the host/owner to determine backup stuff, rather than the plugin maker.

I’ve heard good things about BTFU before as a plugin/mod that does stable incremental backups.

Depending on what host you go with, some of them might manage backups for you.