Looking for a Dev for a 1.8 pixelmon server

I represent a group that is making strides towards a pixelmon server for 1.8. As it happens, 1.8 utilizes Sponge as opposed to the previous Bukkit. As a side effect of this new development, the plugin pool has not quite yet grown to its full potential. Additionally, we would like to ensure that the plugins are designed in a way that we find ideal for our purposes. None of us are familiar with sponge so we need to rely on the support of a Dev. Thank you for your valuable time.

Hey, what sort of plugins are you looking for, i have done a small amount of work with plugins for bukkit and im now looking towards sponge development for plugins, yes im new but looking to learn when i have free time.

Hey! We apologize for the late reply. It had been a long time since I posted on it so we stopped checking up on it figuring we weren’t going to get any responses. If you are still interested, we may still be able to do the project. I will check here regularly for a reply to see if you are still interested despite the time gap that has occurred. Again, our apologies for the time gap.

FearNixx.de is currently setting up a Pixelmon server for 1.8.9.
We still need staff but have a developer.
Just in case you’re interested:
Where are you from, how many team members do you have and what languages can you speak :slight_smile:
For us the answers are: Germany, 5 and EN,DE.


Our team is a mix of Americans/Canadians. One of which has German descent. We speak English, but one of us knows some German. Our team composition changes, but the core team is 4 strong. Can be up to 8 in theory, but the extra people aren’t as bound to the team/game as we are. I am curious though as to your intent for your comment. I think you are asking if we would like to merge and join your server as opposed to making our own. Is this correct? I doubt that we would do that, but for the sake of democracy I would relay the concept to the entirety of the team and get feedback. This is all assuming of course that I correctly interpreted your statement. If so or if not, please clarify. Thanks in advance.

Completely in time response :grin: :

Yeah that would be one possibility.
Otherwise: I would be interested taking a glimpse at your project just for my own interest since I play with the thought of changing over to another community.

Regards and please excuse this late response