Looking for a Developer

im a 14 years old German Boy (so sorry for my Englisch c:),
i am looking for a Dev who could code a private plugin for me.
The plugin should have these main features:

-Start command (countdown adjustable; automatic XP, hunger, life and time reset)
-Create Teams (Team size adjustable; with Teamname: #TEAMNAME)
-Set Spawns
-check command: Is everything ready?
-The life rule (At a death -1 life at a kill +0.5 and at 0 life no more respawn possible, maximum life 3 or adjustable and with a command display)
-In the fight you will not be kicked (block range adjustable)
-Join Rule: Max. 3 recordings per day / 7 In the week (example: If you record three episodes on Monday, you can join again on Thursday, but then you can also record directly again 2 or 3 times, otherwise you can join 1 time every day)
-The Plugin should be in Version 1.8
(Maybe you have heard of Minecraft Varo/Titan these are Youtube Projects from german MC-Youtubers, the plugin should be something like this)

I will give you more details if you want to code the plugin for me.
Payment: ~15€ (Negotiable)

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Also, check here if you’re looking for a dev next time.


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