Looking for a Pixelmon small scale plugin developer


My friends run a small scale Pixelmon server just for fun. We all play daily and hangout on there a bunch!

I’m looking to hire a developer to make a small scale plugin for this server. It shouldn’t need to be too complex. We want to make a command block that acts as a ‘Shrine’ of sorts, for altering pokemon information.

There will be three shrines in total, one that increases size category by one stage, another that decreases a size category by one, and another that replaces the ball the pokemon is captured in with the ball provided by the user.

We would like there to be an item frame located a couple blocks above the command block that payment is put into for the shrine to work. The size altering shrines will use silver bottle caps, and the ball altering shrine will use the desired ball to exchange.

When the command block is triggered, the corresponding shrine will check for correct payment in the item frame and check if that the user has a valid Pokemon in slot 1 in their party. If the conditions are met, the Pokemon is altered in the specified way.

We have also talked about a completely optional variation to this though. We could create a variant of the PokeGift block that allows a player to put a Pokemon in and get a Pokemon from freely. The shrine could then alter the Pokemon contained in shrine’s associated PokeGift, instead of altering the pokemon in slot 1 of the players party. Once again, this part is completely optional.

I’m not sure how much effort this plugin will be, so we can discuss rates according to how much effort you think it will take.

Once the plugin is created, the dev is given rights to do whatever they want with it. It can be closed or open source and the dev is free to use this as a portfolio item. However, the plugin needs to work for our server even with upcoming updates to Pixelmon.

If interested, reply to this message and I’ll send you my email or discord (whichever works better for you)

You could just use the Pokeedit command