Looking for a plugin which can bind special items to players

I need a plugin which is similar to a plugin in Bukkit named Soulbound. But the plugin that I need still has some differences with Soulbound. I am looking for someone who can help me make this plugin. If someone can help me, I am willing to play some money as the reward.

Specific requirements:

  1. The plugin can bind an item to someone after picking or using (weapon is after one left-click, shield and armors are after equipping).
  2. The plugin can make some items (configurable) binding the maker automatically, or the plugin can make the litter tall (configurable) binding to killer automatically. One more thing, I want some ores (configurable) can bind to the miner as well. This point is important because it is used to reduce the inflation in MC.
  3. Bound items can be put in chests but cannot be used by other players. For example, armors cannot be equipped and weapon cannot be used to attack.
  4. Players will not drop bound items after death, but bound equipment like armors, weapons, and shields will still lose durability.
  5. In the second line, it says some specified items can bind to makers or killers automatically. But if the item has lore, it will not bind to players automatically.
  6. The plugin should have some commands like binding to a player after picking, binding to a player after using, and the command that can be used to unbind an item.
  7. The plugin should have some permissions such as permissions for each command above. In addition, one more permission is required, which is if a player has this special permission, the plugin will not do any work for him or her. He or she can use bound items freely and the plugin also will not bind any item to him or her.

Work Needed
This should be a one-off role. But the precondition is the plugin really working.

I am willing to pay some money to the developer. If you are interested in this request, we can discuss the reward privately.

This plugin can be either open source or close source. Also, the possible update in the future also can be free or paid. Even the ownership can be reversed by the developer and I will only get right to use. But all of these options will definitely influence the price of the plugin. Thereby, we can discuss more details in private, if you are interested in this request.

My e-mails are [email protected] and [email protected]. If you are interested in this request, you can send me an e-mail. But please reply this topic or send me a message in sponge first to remind me.

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