Looking for a server wrapper

I’m looking for a server wrapper for SpongeForge, to allow for automatic restarts. I am not running Bungeecord atm.
I’m aware that AMP exists, but i’d like to weigh all my options. I couldn’t find any others which worked for Sponge, but i’m sure some must exist…

Please note that i am on a dedi. I am here to ask for links or the names of wrappers, not to be told how to use a panel or that i should begin using a VPS.

When you say automatic restarts, what do you mean:
Are you looking for a script where if your server crashes, it auto starts it again
Or are you looking for time based restarts, resource based restarts, etc
Or a plugin that allows you to run a restart command?

Hmm, things like AMP, there’s two plugins that come to mind:

The latest version of WebAPI can run when Minecraft is offline, there might be a way to restart a server with it, if not, I imagine it’s gonna get added sometime not long in the future.

Haven’t tried this plugin, but seems similar.

For server restarts only one I know is leelawd93 / MMCReboot
You could use another plugin, like Simon_Flash / CmdScheduler to have it run every so often. Or even use webapi + a cronjob to do this.

I believe MMCReboot actually requires a panel, according to the mod author in a response to someone’s issue…
I’m sure there are ways to make it work without one, I’d just rather find a simple wrapper… :sweat:
I’ll look into Web-api though!

Also, darkfly, i’m looking for the latter two :stuck_out_tongue:

MMC reboot has reboot commands. Just run /reboot now and that should do it

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Thank gosh! These reboot commands are a gem.