Looking for a website developer

Looking for a Website Developer

Hello, my server network is currently looking for a website developer. I require people who have knowledge and skills in website development. If you know of anyone or if you develop websites yourself please feel free to comment or contact me on Skype @matrixcrafter103 or @smashy44

We are willing to pay for this job. (Prices discussed on Skype only!)


Thanks, The3WorldsStaff


Thnx you for posting this for me:)

so ye, will be looking for that^^,

Here is the “layout” i put together on paint just as a template;

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I’m a graphic designer and web dev.

Lol I’m a good web dev, but a terrible artist :frowning:


Basicly we want this homepage: http://www.the3worlds.com/ to look ALOT better and organized:p

Ya might want to list more details about this if you haven’t already found a developer for this. For instance, devs may need to know what kind of interactions the website needs to have with the server. It may require them to hook into third party utilites. Also, if you want a CMS (a panel to manage the site’s content) as well to help you manage the website, or if you’ll need to re-hire someone to alter the website each time.

There tends to be a lot of nit picky things that need to be done to support a functional website. In order to handle logins, news feed, etc, they’ll likely need an SQL database and to code a system for allowing secure logins, etc. If you don’t have another service to implement the shop, they may need to use another 3rd party utility for that. May also help to say if you want to use a pre-existing CMS, such as WordPress.

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Check this out http://djangostars.com/blog/how-to-choose-a-development-company-for-your-web-project-the-overview/ . Guys give amazingly useful hints!