Looking for a youtuber!

I am releasing a factions server and i was wondering if anyone would be interested in doing a lets play for it
As the lp goes on, i will give free ranks as we together feel apprpriate
Thanks happyjumps

I think it doesn’t work this way. Its the other way around. You-tubers come to you because its fun and people may want to watch it.


I’d be down to play on a Factions server, tho. More info?

Do u hav kik?
It would be easier

Literally the worst PR ever.

Soz i havent sctuallu used it

Curious: What makes your server special?


Did some research and I think it is this server:

Also did some technical checks and found out it is hosted on a shared box: node314.chk.minecraft.mcprohosting.com. It could be dedicated tho, but “node” usually means it hosted by some virtualization software.

So my conclusion: It probably just a server that is running the factions plugin and essentials.

And to give some tips to @Happyjumps, because this may look rude.

  • First off all get rid of this: Get yourself a nice domain like play.wither-pvp.com. (look for a SRV record to get the port registered in the domain)
  • As for being a server owner advertising on this forum, you may have chosen the wrong forums. But if you go to other forums. Post in full words and choose a profile pic. This looks more professional and may gain you some extra players.
  • I don’t know how I can help you advertising a vanilla/craftbukkit server. But I am afraid it won’t work without getting some :heavy_dollar_sign: on the table.
  • If I am right about the hosting thing. I think you should go look for hosting it on your own. You will lose less money and your server will stand stronger against a lot of players. Off course this will require the knowledge of linux commands like (wget,screen,apt-get,sudo,… ).
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I wasn’t looking to piss you off @Happyjumps. I just wrote down what I could find. Just ignore what I said, because its kinda incorrect because we where missing information.

To make it simple. I am afraid you won’t find a youtuber here. And I also don’t think a youtuber can help you. Most servers where youtubers play on, get flooded by players. And the only thing they do is shout their name and leave again …

well ferusgrim might like to and i found him here

Being abusive is no solution. You should calm down.

I’m not a Youtuber. x3

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