Looking for Developer to make a custom Towny plugin


I am looking for a developer to help develop a plugin for my Towny server. I only found 2 plugins: one doesn’t work, and the other isn’t something I like.

Work Needed:

I need a plugin that works like Towny on the server.

Mayors should be able to claim based on Minecraft chunks, and distribute them for players to use. Towns should be several blocks away to give room to grow.

Starting amount of claim: 10 (should be configurable)

For every player, the town claims increase 5 (should be configurable)

Town cost and upkeep (should be configurable)

Taxes (should be defined by the mayor)

Plot cost (should be defined by the mayor)

Wilderness: is territory that is PVP only and can be claimed by town

Unmarked: is land that a town owns but has not given a purpose yet.

Residential: is land for players, where they can build their houses on or buy a house from the town.

Commercial: is land for players, where they can build their own store to sell goods. It can be used for a town mall, hotel, apartments, etc.

Industrial: is land for players, where they can build farms, factories, etc.

Infrastructure: is land for town to build roads, highways, bridges, etc. Town should be able to name the chunk.

Spawn: is territory claimed by the server for protection for spawn.

Warzone or PVPzone: is territory for players to fight in. Also can be claimed by towns. (can be defined by admins: areas that are pvp and if it is claimable)

There should be a way to give towns claim blocks by using an admin command.

Note: I am want something similar to the Towny plugin on spigot. If there is not enough info provided above please know that I am not going to remember what the Towny plugin has.


Pay when the plugin is done. Price will be determined before starting the plugin.


Time must start within two weeks upon date of agreement. Time of completion will depend upon the complexity of plugin but done within a reasonable time. You are allowed to post it on sponge.


You can leave a comment here, but this is not the best way. I recommend messaging me on discord RedInventor#7456