Looking for Developers! Huge Custom SpongeForge Server Plan! Want Quotes!


Hi, I am Bernard and I am 18.

So I am sure a lot of you know what Forge is. And most of you know what Bukkit/Spigot is.
And I’m sure a few of you know that up until 1.7.10 you could play on servers that had both plugins and mods.

Unfortunately, after the Bukkit DMCA etc, this option of servers having both Spigot plugins and Forge mods basically vanished, except, they developed Sponge. It so suppose to be the solution. Everyone thought that Spigot would disappear with Bukkit and so nobody made server software after 1.7.10 that had Spigot and Forge running side by side. Instead everyone was supposed to rewrite their plugins for Sponge.

But, big surprise, Spigot managed to stay around so a lot of servers didn’t need to switch because they just ran plugins. Unfortunately, that leaves us mod lovers stuck without famous plugins like Factions and so on.

Work Needed:

I am looking for Developers that can code plugins for Sponge and rewrite Bukkit/Spigot plugins for Sponge. I expect this to be a big project to get my server live.

There are 3 big plugins to be coded and they all have links to each other.

  • The first plugin to be rewritten for Sponge and built upon is Movecraft. Don’t worry its open source under the GNU General Public License V3 (https://github.com/msummers123/Movecraft-3)
  • The second plugin is based on the Factions plugin but much more complex and will be discussed privately so the idea is not stolen.
  • The third plugin is a complete NPC Merchant plugin to get people to take cargo to and from different locations to make money.
    • This plugin will have to include an automatic price calculator so that a location/city can be set as a source for a product and the city merchants that are set to buy that item will automatically calculate the base price they pay based on the distance from the source.
    • This plugin will need to hook into the Movecraft plugin so people can pay to have their cargo unloaded/loaded for them. Formula will be provided to calculate time/cost.
    • This plugin will also have to include a realistic flowing economy system based on production and consumption rates set in the config or via commands.
    • A stock market might also be required. I am still thinking out how this would work.
  • A chest protection plugin and something like PEX are also required.

The budget of this plan is to be negotiated.


The plugins and code written for my server (excluding the Movecraft plugin) will be my property and not be open source but you (the developer) will be given credit for your work and may use it in your portfolio.


PM me for now. Skype will be used later on during development.


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I’m not here to offer my services necessarily, but there are already some chest protection plugins that work in some situations. There’s Keys by viveleroi, and Latch by Nighteyes604, but that one needs some updating. PermissionsEX(PEX) already exists as well by zml, you can find it here.

For your Factions like plugin, I am currently in the process of making a plugin very similar called Guilds. I almost finished it, but I had to restart due to some issues. I’m making a lot of progress in the refactor branch, found here. It may not be exactly what you’re looking for, but I welcome suggestions of any kind which could be filed as an issue on my Github.

I know all of these are open source, but the locking plugins and PEX are worth a try at least to see if they suit your needs.

I did talk to one of the Movecraft devs around the time of the DMCA, and a sponge port of Movecraft was a possibility. That was abandoned when Spigot resurfaced.

However, there’s been some interest in Movecraft for Sponge, I believe @MicleBrick was trying to get something similar up and working here: Spigot vs Sponge in terms of block update speed

I for one would love to see Movecraft come to Sponge - but it’s a lot of work.