Looking for Plugin Dev!

Hello, My plans are to create a unique economy. hoping to somehow take items from the “Good Ol’ Currency” and make it into a system like GTAV Nopixel. With banks, shops, black-market. A Capitalists’s dream.**

More about the project here.

Work Needed
Preferably this job would be long term but open to any timeframe that is needed.
I am in need of;
Roles and Ranks
Shops and Banks
and an Economy based off of Good Ol’ Currency money.

Minimum of $100 Max of $300, very flexible.

s privacy, this plugin will remain solely within this RP community and will be distributed as such to members whom ask to use it. The Dev is fully free to list themselves as a developer for this economy and will have access to the server whenever needed.

You can contact me via Discord @Storkclips#8797 or Email.