Looking for Programmers and Modellers- Dwarf Fortress mod

Hi there, I wasn’t quite sure where to put this, so if I’ve made an error, let me know.

I’m the administrator of a Dwarf Fortress role-play server. We’ve been around for nearly three years and have a healthy community.

A brief overview of the server; a divided community with four races that are in competition with one another, and a system of moderators or “storytellers” act as dungeon masters using limited plugins and “Imagination!” to progress plot.
Each world on our server is unique and the staff spend several months designing it by hand and writing up the lore. We find that the plugins work fine as of the moment, but we’d like to implement more energetic and frankly fucking awesome stuff.

To that end, a little over six months ago, I managed to garner interest from a few modders, some of them who worked on the revived Spider Queen mod who shared my vision of a server and single player mod for Dwarf Fortress in minecraft. We plan to get the server stuff done first, which will make the single player versioning simpler.
I contacted Tarn Adams, the programmer of Dwarf Fortress who gave us his blessing, though took pains to tell us not to claim that our mod is “official”- which we don’t.

Over the past couple months since the initial planning for the mod start, we consulted with the community and with one or two additions to the team we have worked primarily on proofing the concept with tests and getting some initial modelling design work done. We have also contracted a composer to design us a dramatic score to get the feeling of Dwarf Fortress moving.

Here’s a link to the soundcloud giving you some examples of their work.


Some minor examples of early stage modelling and testing are below:

A video: - YouTube

The project is incredibly ambitious, we intend to completely modify the combat system, damage system - complete with decapitation, blood, dismemberment, crushed limbs and other status ailments. Have a vastly expanded inventory, including detailed health monitoring, a biography page based off of their in-game achievements (killing notable monsters, acquiring titles, etc.) a detailed breakdown of their skill progression. A butchering system that means you need to haul kills to a proper butchers table to be able to get the best out of your kill.
We plan to implement pretty much everything in Dwarf Fortress, from the mobs, to the varieties of stone, gems. An interactive method of smithing items, roaming and event based mega bosses and randomly generated “forgotten beasts”- A skill system that allows players to have a classless system to build their character within. Customised terrain generation and various tree schematics.

The thing is, we need more people to get involved. A lot more. Real life has taken a toll on a few members of the team, and while they are still committed, they can’t put as much time into the project as they once were able to right now. I thought that it would be a good opportunity to expand the team while we’re experiencing a little bit of downtime.

To that end, we’re putting this post on the forge and sponge forums to try and get people interested in our project, and hopefully have you join the team.

We need Forge-literate programmers ready to be in for the long haul, and modellers who are up to making fantastic looking monsters and natural creatures.

I hope I’ve peaked some interest. If so, email me: [email protected]

Thanks for your time


If you open source this, work will get done much quicker. Especially considering there are people like myself, who don’t have the time to commit to a team, but would still like to take a look at and help with a project like this.


So, have you dropped the idea or hopefully pushing forward with it?