Looking for recommendations for RolePlay

Hi Everyone,

I’d like to start out by saying I am very new to Sponge. I was hoping to get some help/recommendations on which plugins to use for an RP server. I am a little confused by the API versions and unsure if they matter?

I would like to have some sort of World guard, permissions, essentials, economy, plotting for player homes, jobs, and maybe a proximity chat? Any other recommendations would be awesome.

Right now this is what I am thinking about, not sure if they are compatible though. LuckPerms, GriefPrevention, UltimateCore, Total Economy 1.7, CarrotShop, AdventureMMO if possible? Still trying to find a proximity chat.

Thanks to everyone!

Api versions are very important. Essentially how they work is you will have a api version for your sponge and a plugin will have a api version it is compatible with.

Lets say you have Sponge api 7.1. Now this means you can run any plugin that has api 7.1 as a supported version, if you try and run a plugin that is only compatible with api 6 or 8 that will not work.

The second number (the 1 out of 7.1) is the update of that api version. This essentially means that if you find a plugin compatible with api 7.0 it will run on your 7.1 server because the server is running the 2nd version of api 7. That being said you will not be able to run api 7.2 with that sponge version. However if you get a sponge 7.2 you will be able to run 7.2 as well as 7.1 and 7.0 plugins.

Does that make sense?

As for plugins, Im not the help you want, i just develop for Sponge

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Makes complete sense. Thanks for the help again Mose, you da best!!

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Sponge doesn’t have the wide options of plugins that Bukkit does have, but here’s some of my recommendations, based on what you seem to be after.

Permissions > LuckPerms
Essentials > Nucleus
World Guard > Grief Prevention
Economy > Total Economy
Sign Shops > CarrotShop

I also recommend:
ActiveTime - Logs player times
MMCReboot - Restarts your server (However you will need an external source such as a script to restart it.)
TeslaCrate - Crates plugin

As for AdventureMMO, that’s super outdated, and doesn’t really work on the versions it does have, some people have tried to make forks of it, but as far as I know, no one is currently maintaining it.

I know that Proximity chats have been requested a few times, however I would consider commissioning that if it’s something you need.

For the API versions, I know MoseMister did explain it, but even for me who understand them, that explaination was complicated xD

API 7 > 1.12.2
API 6 > 1.11.2
API 5 > 1.10.2

The extra numbers after the API, API 7.1, for example, is just a newer version of that API, and older versions of plugins may need updating to support it.

Hope this helps,

~ Alice


Alice, Thank you so much!

It looks like I picked out the right plugins for the time being, can’t wait to dive in and get it working. The crates plugin seems really cool and I’m definitely going to implement that. Appreciate the help!

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