Looking for Server Mods / Plugins

Hi, I want to create an pixelmon server and I have some plugins in mind.

  • PixelMMO , so player can increase their skill. like fishing pokemon, mining,catching,etc
  • Boosters, so player can increase the legendary / shiny spawn rate in the server
  • Wager Battle , player can battle and bet some pokedollars (ELO rank system)
  • Quest , Player have quest so they will enjoy playing the quest
  • Backpack
  • Kits / starterpack
  • NPC Trader (survival trader)
  • Teams
  • Custom Item for increasing ivs / evs
  • Pokedisguise
  • Shop (like this mods https://dev.bukkit.org/projects/quicksell)
    Budget : negotiable depends on your plugins / mods that available.
    Please contact me via discord BigMac#4246