Looking For Server Staff

Hey Guys! I Was Hoping To Look For People To Run My Server A Bit As I Am Not That Experienced In PEX And Possibly Other Plugins That I Should Get/Have. If You Would Like To Become A Mod Or Builder On My Server, Just Give Me A Little Bit Of Info And You Can Use This As A Template (But Add More If You Want):

IGN: XxGeneralBonesxX
Age: 15
Best Minecraft Skill: Minigames, Building, Using Worldedit And Worldguard

  1. Why you are writing every word with an capital letter?
  2. What do you exactly want? Configuring PEX?
  1. Idk I Think It Looks Official Or Whatever
  2. Yes And Im Looking For People To Run There Server Such As Builders, Minigame Makers, Whatever People Want To Contribute.

I hate to be a prick, but capitalizing every letter does not look “official” or professional, I just think you should be aware… so you don’t fall into that rabbit hole.

Furthermore, why don’t you take the time to learn how to properly configure plugins yourself? Especially now, there is a plethora of information/tutorials on Youtube (for bukkit) that are helpful for new server administrators. I would use that as a guide to get the feel for it, but most plugins have decent documentation that will likely be more helpful for proper configuration.


I’m changing ‘Mods’ to ‘Staff’ in the title since, to me, it reads like you want server plugins/server mods rather than moderators.

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Phroa you broke something.

I can’t mark this message as read.

EDIT: Wait nvm, it fixed itself after i made this post.

That Is Your Opinion, Which is Different From Mine.

I Will Take The Time To Learn How To Use Them But I Would Like Someone With Experience To Take Control For Now So I Could Learn Their Ideas So I Could Organize My Server In Favor Of Player Comfort So I Would Appreciate It If You Refrain From Negatively Altering The Atmosphere Of This Thread

By the way, avoid capitalizing every single word.

It makes it difficult for people to read. I’m not joking, I actually skipped through your words because i didn’t care to spend extra effort trying to read the caps.

If you want to seem official, feel free to write business letters or something.

Or you could lookup MLA and APA style guides for capitalization. That always works.

Oh yeah, before I forget, use proper grammar too. If english isn’t your native language that’s okay, but at least TRY to avoid run on sentences…


Ya Know What? Ill Just Post A Thread Else Where. I Might Actually Get Replies On What I’m Actually Looking For There. Thanks For, At Least, Noticing This One.

No, that is not my opinion, it’s proper grammar.

Fair enough, you’re likely going to get the same responses “elsewhere”.

I’d like to know… what is the atmosphere of this thread?.. to me it seems like someone refusing pretty decent advice… Contention certainly wasn’t my motive here.

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Although That Is True, I Just Like Typing Like That So I Can Be Myself If I Want To.

I Can’t Really Explain The Atmosphere Of This Thread Other Than Negative And Focused On Correcting Me Other Than Actually Applying To Be Part Of My Server’s Staff

Even If I Don’t Like How This Thread Is Going, I Have Refrained From Typing Like This Alot And So I Guess Ill Start It Here To So, I guess I should say thanks for that. Bye guys.

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I suppose I can respect that, just don’t expect to be taken seriously, it didn’t work too well in this case.

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Understood. You guys can close this thread if you want.

I really don’t believe you’re 15. I’d place my bets on you being 11 or younger. No one wants to join your server. Everyone here is being polite. But I’m realistic; you’re ignorant and lack common knowledge/sense. No one wants to join an 11 year old’s server as staff.

I dont really care about what you think. If you think im 11 then sure. Believe whatever you want. Im not letting people like you bring me down.

What he means is that you’ve made a bad first impression, and people are going to avoid helping since you haven’t shown yourself to be a respectable person.

It doesn’t matter how old you are. The fact is that you’ve ACTED like you’re 11.

If you acted like you were 21, people would have been a lot more likely to help you.


The language, the language… :wink:

Could everyone in here PLEASE stay nice and friendly? Thanks.

Okay, as long as I get to have a cookie.


@Tzk hands out a cookie to everyone and two to @gravityfox


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Just a few tips for you on how to make a post look professional. I am not being negative, I am giving you constructive criticism. If you choose to ignore it, then it’s your loss.

  • Rule number one for making something professional is to use proper punctuation. Writing Like This Makes You Look Less Professional Because It Displays A Lack Of Knowledge Of Basic English That You learn When You Are 6. Also learn where to use commas, and use full stops at the end of sentences.

  • People who are professional gladly take constructive criticism. Your complete ignorance of other peoples advice, taking non-hostile advice as people “Trying to bring you down” is both childish and insulting. These people aren’t trying to bring you down, they are doing the exact opposite. If someone gives you advice to help you succeed and you s*** on them for it, that shows that you have an “I’m right, nobody else is” attitude which comes across as unprofessional.

  • If someone calls your professionalism into question, don’t do a “I THINK I’M PROFESSIONAL NOBODY CAN BRING ME DOWN!” Provide some evidence in yet again a calm and professional manner to prove them otherwise.

  • @gravityfox is right. The way you behaved makes you seem like a child. Your behavior was very tantrum-like. If you act childish, you will be taken as one.

Here is how I would have made the same post.

Hi everybody,

I am looking for help with managing my Minecraft server, and would appreciate any help.
Duties may include:

  • Permissions and plugin setup
  • Building
  • Moderating

If you are interested in a position on my staff team, then please leave your IGN, your age, and any skills that may > help you in your position


Also learning server management skills before opening to the public will be of great help to you. It’s fair enough having someone to share the load with, but if you are going to open a server with volunteers doing everything for you, and you just reap the benefits, that is unfair.

I wish you the best of luck with your server.