Looking for some plugins / mods suggestions

Anyone out there know of any good mods /plugins for sponge / pore that work?

i need:

an economy shop plugin / mod

a voting plugin / mod

anti griefing plugin / mod

player claims plugin / mod

any usuable suggestions??

Thank you for reading! :smiley:

Probably in the works by someone, but likely pending the Economy API

See first reply

@sk89q is going to port WorldGuard when time permits.

@viveleroi is porting Prism

See 1

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Yes we need all pluggin for create a sponge faction server stable… If someone have created one, i will be happy to test it and speek about that… My server still on bukkit waiting you for the revolution…
I m sorry for my bad english, i speak french usualy…
Have a nice day guys, thx for your work…

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Yah sponge seems promising already, now if only we could get some solid ported plugins like essentials, groupmanager, and world guard then this community would really pick up fast :smile:

I found a version of votifier that “appears” to work with sponge coremod, however, I’ve yet to really test it and i’m pretty sure I need to download some vote listeners separately, hopefully I can get a solid voting system going tomorrow after work!

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Still Looking BTW soo if anyone out there has some usefull links to anything that would be awesome :D, ive seen alot of 1.8 forge servers with working bukkit plugins / “bukkit like” mods installed soo would be great to get a helping hand! also feel free to PM me, im working on a pixelmon server atm if anyone is interested!

Thanks for the links, although a lot of it wasn’t really helpful unfortunately =/

i’ve searched the sponge forums for hours on end already and came up with little to nothing, everything @ sponge is still in the alpha stages or hasn’t even been released yet, I’m pretty much leaning more torwards existing forge mods and compatible bukkit/spigot plugins that work with spongecoremod + pore setup atm. for example, Pixelmon Mod works great with Sponge Coremod for forge, and Spigot Essentials 1.8 has some basic compatiblity with The Pore mod Bukkit bridge, soo i already have that setup on my server and doing well ( Thankfully )

soo if you know of any descent forge mods, or compatible bukkit plugins that work don’t hesitate to fill me in :smiley:

@PixelStudios I’ve never seen such beautiful, beautiful content in a triple post, before. Seriously. Each post was worth an actual post.

(But still, try not to do that, please)

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Yah sure no problem Grim!

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