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Lantrick, it only started happening when I added permissions to the plugin. Maybe it's because there hasn't been a user that has joined the server yet?

I'm also getting these errors every 3 minutes on my server. It's not just on server start.


Well, in my case i get a similar error if I change storage types and the is no data yet for the new store type, but the error goes away if I just restart the server because luckperms already created the storage in the previous startup. Apparently what's happening to you is not the same. Try the "Discord support chat" link at the top of this thread.


Since my configurations were brand new, I just deleted the storage area and restarted the server. Since then, I've had no issues. Let's hope it stays that way. I also figured out something I typed in the YAML file incorrectly that may have caused the error (just forgot a space).


Yep, that would've been it. :wink:


We've been having a few issues with Luckperms build 2.16.95 this morning. Demoting people seems to leave them in the original group, as well as adding the new group from the ladder as a parent. It wasn't doing this earlier, with the same perms setup but an earlier LP build.
SF 2029, Forge 2202.


Fix'd. :slight_smile:



i'm new to the permission system of Minecraft. i just installed LuckPerms and created an admin group. All fine so far. But now normal users (included in the default group) have no rights to read the chat messages (writing works).
Which permission is responsible for reading chat messages?



Depends which chat formatting plugin you're using.


Currently i using no special chat formatting plugin. is a chat plugin required/recommended??


Well, if you want to apply special formatting to the chat, then you'll need a chat formatting plugin. :slight_smile:


Is there any way to rankup people after a period of time like if you played 12 hours you get a new rank?


Guys how to correctly set the priority of group to display the most important prefix in the chat?? I tried to use setweight but it doesn't work.


The higher number, the more priority.
For example,

'prefix.2.&c[Mod] ': true


How can i make permissions case sensitive?
If someone join with a uppercase letter can have the permissions..


I was trying to migrate from PEX to here but I got this error when doing so


Anyone know if this works with Enjin?


eh.... not 100% as far as trying to sync them together; you can use enjins minecraft commands for something like /perm user switchprimarygroup and then have another command remove the old group if you like.


Looks like a PEX bug. It's throwing an exception on this line.

I'll patch it when I get a chance. (sometime tomorrow.) In the meantime, you could try editing your PEX file and removing the user with the identifier "Ryuukstu". :slight_smile:


Already tried and still no luck


Luckperm build 32 error about sql in spongeforge-1.10.2-2221-BETA-API5.1.0-2109

Full link error :