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Was that on first startup?


@Luck I can confirm that too, it is only on first use. Every other time is fine - though probably without that constraint!


Strange, I do not get the error.

My guess is that another plugin/mod is packaging an older version of the H2 library. I'll see what I can do.


Completely stop your server, then edit the file & start it again. There's not really anything I can do to fix this, as the exception gets thrown by the method retrieving all of the users. Catching it would just mean no users would be migrated.


As far as I can tell from reading the error, the ps.setString(1, name); function isn't properly replacing the VALUES(?) like it is intended to, code line here. Perhaps on first load the incoming String group is null?


name is definitely not null.
It would throw an NPE on this line if it was.

Called here:

It's almost certainly an issue with the H2 driver.


Makes sense, but it seems odd to me that it would execute the statement with a parameter not filled out, even though you use the ps.setValue method (if this is even still an issue on the latest version).


It's just hidden in the error, you can see that in fact the value "default" was inserted. :slight_smile:
org.h2.jdbc.JdbcSQLException: Unique index or primary key violation: "PRIMARY_KEY_F9 ON PUBLIC.LUCKPERMS_GROUPS(NAME) VALUES ('default', 1)"; SQL statement:
INSERT INTO luckperms_groups VALUES(?)


Ahh, my bad, didn't realize that was there.


Not having any luck at all still. So it looks like ill be re-doing all my permissions then. Could you send me a template of a perm file so I can go off of that?


Is it possible to have specific permission to add users to specific groups? Like luckperms.user.parent.add.teamblue


How to give a group all perms?


That's explained right here (and also in the LuckPerms Wiki ...)


Not just yet. (it's been heavily requested though, so maybe I'll add it soon.)


I have figured out the previous question I have put but I am getting very frustrated setting these permissions up so I'd might as well ask for help here.

How do you let people have permissions for multiple groups at once? Some people have specific perms from specific ranks and not the other ones they are assigned to.

Is there a way to do this? I want a player to be able to have staff perms and donor perms at the same time while they are assigned to two or more groups.

I currently have players in so called; default group, helper & a donor rank. However, they only have access to the default rank only but it shows that they are assigned to the other groups with perms in those groups.

Anyway to fix? Or let a player have all 4 groups at the same time with those permissions?


I am going to be testing this plugin out on my current Sky Factory 3.0.6 mc 1.10.2 server Thanks for this i will be back with feedback on this plugin thanks.


Recently got LuckPerms (migrated from PEX) and keep getting the following message every 30 minutes or so (Not always the same user):
[LuckPerms] [WARN] User null - d0e6243d-a368-4aa0-aae0-7ad955e997d5 does not have any data loaded.

Using: LuckPerms-Sponge-2.17.60


Use the "parent add" command instead of "parent set"

Other plugins are loading data of players who aren't online. Most of the time this is done on the servers main thread, which is bad.


Oh... Do you happen to know a list of plugins that give this issue by any chance?
Or will I just have to find which one it is by deleting them one by one?


Well this is the problem. I have kits set up on the default group denying them to all kits besides trainer. But then I have a donor kit that allows them to use other kits but the default group is overriding and wont let donor ranks get their kits. Any way to fix?