LuckPerms | An advanced permissions plugin


I’m using the 1.10.2 latest build version of this mod and when I try and use DiscordBridge with it the messages players type on global don’t show up on the discord server but discord messages show up ingame. Is there a command or permission I’m missing? Thanks in advance


How does one add Permissions for certain kits? I can only do the Firstjoin one. :frowning: I know I’m trash


Ok i know i am probably being dumb right now but how do i give permission for players to interact with the world (mining and placing blocks)


Do you have any other plugins enabled?

Are you still within the vanilla spawn area?


You must have the new kit in your inventory and create it /kit add <name>


Maybe I am blind or doesnt get it, but i want to disable some block placing or usage of some items. Where do i find these permission nodes??? Do i have to use another mod/plugin for that??


sorry for this kind question but how do i make this permission work ?

i put plots.permpack.basic but all the permission not working