LuckPerms | An advanced permissions plugin


Oh that is not bad then. Though sometimes you don't know they have commands but that should help :slight_smile:


You can also setup LuckPerms to print debug output to the console whenever a plugin checks for a permission. (I think PEX has a similar system)

This can be useful for checking exactly what permission nodes are being checked for. (sometimes plugin documentation pages are wrong :stuck_out_tongue: )

You just need to set:


... in the LuckPerms config.


Perfect. That is actually what I want and need :slight_smile:

Everything is working good now even though I don't have much of anything yet on the server in plugins :stuck_out_tongue:


So I tried turning debug mode and saw it come up a couple times and forgot about it.

[06:32:15] [Server thread/INFO] [nucleus]: Kane_Hart ran the command: /nucleus
[06:32:15] [Server thread/INFO] [luckperms]: Checking if Kane_Hart has permission: nucleus.nucleus.base - (UNDEFINED)
[06:32:19] [Server thread/INFO] [nucleus]: Kane_Hart ran the command: /dregen
[06:32:20] [Server thread/INFO] [nucleus]: Kane_Hart ran the command: /nucleus
[06:32:20] [Server thread/INFO] [luckperms]: Checking if Kane_Hart has permission: nucleus.nucleus.base - (UNDEFINED)
[06:32:23] [Server thread/INFO] [nucleus]: Kane_Hart ran the command: /callback
[06:32:29] [Server thread/INFO] [nucleus]: Kane_Hart ran the command: /jtp

But then I noticed commands that are not plugins? Don't seem to be actually showing any kind of permissions. This really sucks too because we got some critical things we don't want our users using for example jtp allows anyone to teleport wherever they like.

I'm not sure if I can just block these commands even from being typed or something outside permissions. I'm just worried now.

I tried using modname.command.command but it never seems to work and sometimes you don't even know what command belongs to what sadly.

Forge Essentials had this amazing dump system where you can dump every perm possible.

Here is the commands I'm trying to block for everyone:


Thanks :slight_smile:


Just wondering if it is possible to have alias system or way to shortcut perms commands. I do not see that happen much these days. It would save some people significant effort on setup. These are examples of what could be done.
/luckperms group supporter parent add default could be
/luckperms gp supporter pa default
/luckperms gppa supporter default
See how much less typing is involved.
I hope this helps in ideas as something like this would be awesome.
Ryan mentioned innovation this is a good start. :slight_smile:


That does already exist to an extent. I'll look into adding some more aliases, however, I want to ensure that commands still follow a clear convention, so they're easy to learn. Anyway, yes, I'll get back to you on that. :slight_smile:

If you're not seeing any LuckPerms debug messages, it means that the plugin isn't checking for the permission. That's something you need to ask the plugin author about. @Inscrutable mentioned something about the modName.command format, but that's a Sponge-Forge compatibility thing, so I can't really help you with that. (You'd have the same problem with any permission plugin, it's not a LuckPerms issue.)


This looks amazing, I am unable to use the migration feature, I am using sponge 1.10.2 latest version for api5. When doing perms migration PermissionsEx from console it says [lp] command not recognized.

I am not sure what else to do.


The PermissionsEx migration only works for the older versions of PEX (v1.2x). The Sponge version (v2.0) is not supported currently.

So, if you want to migrate from PEX, you'll need to transfer your permissions manually. I've added it to my to-do-list, but I can't really give an ETA at this point.


:frowning: that sucks lol, thanks for the response.

I may have to wait until thats implemented before upgrading, I have way too many people with ranks to do that to my staff team.



The above commit adds support for migration from PermissionsEx on Sponge. From my (limited) testing, it seems to be working ok.

You can grab a download from here:

Let me know if you have any issues. :slight_smile:


Awesome, thanks for adding support, it successfully migrated, will be throwing on live server to see how it went. migrated 190 users :slight_smile: that would have sucked!

edit: After testing further, I had the Owner rank, it set me to Admin, Another issue is no /perm command can be done by me ingame and I am op'd. Commands work from console, From console I added myself to Owner and still says I am Admin, but when I do perm name info it shows I have group default and group owner, but in chat still says admin.


Try giving yourself access to LuckPerms commands.

/luckperms user stephen92 permission set luckperms true

Not sure why it would say that in chat. Perhaps it's an issue with your Nucleus config? Or maybe a quirk with the migration.

What's the output of:

/luckperms user stephen92 meta info
/luckperms user stephen92 permission info


i am completely new to servers and such but i got one running with sponge and luckperms, just starting out i added the group Admin, now am i just missing it or is there somewhere that explains the basics... like how to add groups, how to add permissions to those groups and how to add users to groups?


You can read the wiki page here:

There's a page within that explains command usage. :slight_smile:


I usally don't reply to contents due to the massive spam I get. Anyway Im COLDYY1 from a project on Technic Launcher called: Modern Technic City. I just wanted to say that you got my vote. :smiley:


Does LuckPerms support multiple prefixes and suffixes? I did read that if gives a priority setting, but what if I have two ranks that need to show up - say [Mod] and [Builder] so that this is show when the user speaks in the chat:

[Mod] [Builder] Rasgnarok [anArbitrarySuffix]: this is a test!

I am aware that chat plugins would handle the formatting, but would it be possible to add it through nodes like you did with the meta category?


It's not currently possible, however I'll look into getting something like that added. :slight_smile:


That'd be so so good, you have no idea. I am currently using PEX, but I'd switch simply to be able to fix that situation. Currently, my ranks supplant eachother, and I've resorted to nicking staff with multiple ranks... which is less than ideal.


But does it have an ingame gui like permissionmanager?


It's on my to-do-list. Trying to work out a way to do it without breaking backwards compatibility. :slight_smile:

It does not have the same 'clickable text' system as PermissionManager, however the text output is very similar. You just can't click it.

Simple reason why I can't really add support, is because I support 3 different platforms at once. I'd have to re-write the whole command system just for Sponge.