Lucky Block Plugin

Hi, i’m searching to a Lucky Block Plugin (example this for Spigot). Are there any Sponge plugins available? Would anyone be available for creation (also for a fee)?

I don’t think there is something like that as of now. The closest I can think of is the husky crates plugin, but that is probably not what you are after.

What do you want the plugin to do exactly?
Do you want to be able to give players lucky blocks per command and then they can place/destroy it to get cool items of it?

Thanks so much for the reply in the meantime. I’ll explain the situation and what I want to create. I am managing a pixelmon server, through a coin separate from that of the mod. Players will be able to purchase Pokemon with this coin.
The idea would be that the player spends 20 of this coin and the server executes a “/ pokegive PLAYER random pokemon” command to give him random pokemon.
I was thinking of the solutions, as I did not find plugins that execute commands with the purchase through money. So I was thinking of a lucky block plugin, that is that by spending this money the user gets a lucky block and that after breaking this, that command is executed.

If you could kindly help me find a plugin shop that executes a command on the player or the lucky block solution, I would be grateful.
It is also a server of a well-known Italian youtuber.

EDIT: if you want we can write on telegram, as it comes in easy for notifications

What I can offer is that I can attempt to create a plugin that executes commands when a special block (luckyblock) gets placed.

Would that be close to your idea?

EDIT: don’t have telegram, but checking multiple times a day.

Yes it would be perfect. But then I have to find a way for this luckyblock to be bought on this shop using this virtual currency.

Well, it is possible to add in a buy command which would allow players to buy it via command and checks if they have enough money. That would go over Sponge EconomyAPI and would be therefore universally compatible with other economy plugins.

Wow that would be awesome. So would you be able to develop? Will it be for the public or private on commission?

I will attempt to create something like this based on our conversation above sometime this week.

It would be free and public.

Ah thank you very much! I was also thinking if you could run that command by clicking an npc, as we are doing a physical shop in the world. I have not yet found similar plugins that allow the creation of npc with the association of commands.

In any case, how long will you develop this plugin? As it is very urgent and we need it

See above as accurate as I can make it. As for NPCs, that will be have to be done another time as this will require a bit more effort.

Ah thank you very much, so for the moment let’s do with the command. If there is a chance with the NPC in the future it would be top! A question for the timing, for July 6 could it be ready?

Again, I’m going to try and get it done sometime this week. I would rather not guarantee a set date as my offline circumstances can take rapid swings within a day’s notice.

Okay thank you very much, thank you for your patience xD

I have finished your request. Hopefully this will suit your needs.

Oh wow! Thanks too much! About the gui with npc, will you let me know?

I have a small problem, in the commands to be executed I wanted to add this tellraw “tellraw% p [” “, {” text “:” Here is yours “,” bold “: true,” color “:” gold “}, {” text “” Pokemon “,” bold “: true,” color “:” dark_red “}, {” text “:” “,” bold “: true,” color “,” gold “}]”.
Except that the plugin has some problems with “[” and I have this error in console:
"Caused by: configurate.typesafe.config.ConfigException $ Parse: Reader: 41: List should have ended with] or had a comma, instead had token: ‘!’ (Reserved character ‘!’ Is not allowed outside quotes) (if you want ‘!’ (Reserved character ‘!’ Is not allowed outside quotes) to be part of a string value, then double-quote it) ".

How can I fix it?
(ps. nice plugin)

In addition, I ask you if it is possible to change the wording that is shown in chat when you do not have enough money

EDIT: If it is possible also the written purchase successfully made

When using multiple " symbols within the "say “hi” " you have to likely escape the characters, so the luckyblock plugin doesn’t get confused with it. so like "say “hi” ".
A different attempt would be to use ’ these quotes in the big quote like “say ‘hi’”. I’m not 100% sure on this, but if you continue to face issues with that, I can investigate further with your config.

Will do it when I can

Gonna implement a message configuration part overtime

Okay thanks too much!