🔍 WhoWas [v1.2] - Get player's previous names


WhoWas simply gives you the ability to get a player’s previous names. It is thus a very simple lightweight plugin with just a single command and no configuration files.

Use /whowas to get player’s previous names and when he changed them.

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/whowas <player name> - Get player's previous names

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This plugin was made thanks to the community members who answered this post :kissing_heart:


:grinning: Excited for this
It works, just a bit sloppy in my opinion.
I’d suggest maybe making it listed on separate lines instead of a paragraph you need to rummage through.

I also feel like saying the user went from {name} to {name} isn’t needed and redundant.

For the example above ^^, it would be nicer to see something similar to NameMC.com

Current name - date
Newer name - date
New name - date
Old name - date
Older name - date
Oldest Name - date


Well @Aaron1011 had once made a plugin with the same function and the same name, but it did not get updated. Good job @Arckenver!

@Ren I agree on the display thing, I’ll update the plugin soon :wink:

@liach Oh yeah I forgot he named his plugin WhoWas and I thought it was just for bukkit. I should change the name of mine then !

Any name ideas ?

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I honestly highly liked the name, but if you need to change it obviously do so.
/whowas was perfect in my opinion and went well with Hassan’s essentials /whois :stuck_out_tongue:

None the less, great work!

Don’t worry, I can just rename mine :slight_smile: I may update it at some point, but I don’t want to sit on a plugin name that someone else is using.

You’re fine continuing to use the name ‘WhoWas’.

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Thank you very much. I’ll do my best to honor that name :wink: and always get it up to date.

WhoWas Release v1.1

Tested on spongevanilla-1.8.9-4.1.0-BETA-265

Changelog :

  • Changed display of previous names
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A+ this new update looks fantastic!
Absolutely loving the new layout :smiley:

Glad you like it :slight_smile:

@Ren, could you provide me a sample screenshot of the in-game command rendering as you did with username Rad391 ? Since there’re lots of name changes, I think this should be a good picture to put in the post.

Also I’ve noticed that users should be able to fetch names of players that are not stored in the GameProfileManager… I’ll solve that in the next update :wink:

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Here you are good sir;

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WhoWas Release v1.2

Tested on spongevanilla-1.8.9-4.1.0-BETA-265

Changelog :

  • Allowed users to fetch previous names of players that have never connected to the server

Issue still existing when trying to fetch user’s who have never connected.

Rani is the individual who has never connected.

No errors in console -

Hmm I don’t get that issue when trying /whowas Rani

That issue must come from the PlayerNameElement but I’ve overridden the parseValue and getValue method so that’s quite strange…

Does it do it for any player that has never connected ?

I uh… may have missed that plugin when updating and was still on 1.1 :>

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No problem. Hopefully that’s no deep issue :sweat_smile:

Thanks for testing it though :wink:

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Nope, works perfectly fine now. :grin:

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