Make all server messages configurable

I love the fact that bukkit and spigot let you customize some server messages (the Unknown command one, the stop server one, whitelist, etc).

I hope Sponge would allow to custom every single server message.



Including the “I’m sorry, but you cannot customize this message” message?

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Obviously, all is all

This would be great, although it is possible to do with plugins.

I am afraid its not. Its hard coded in the forge server I guess. But their is nothing sponge can’t do with ASM :smile:.

That’s a nice idea. Also the in-built commands, for localization

Agreed. However, like @thomas15v said, it is hard coded into the forge server.

I was not aware of this. Knowing this now, I’d definitely say it’s a needed addition.

You know there’s a simpler solution than “LET"S ASM ALL THE THINGS” A better solution IMO would be to add the lacking feature to forge than having sponge try to fix everything through ASM.

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What in the world is asm?

(sorry, i’m off topic :P)

ASM, is a library that allows us to change classes/minecraft on load. Lets say you want creepers only have explode glass, you could inject code to only make creepers do that. Or lets say you want to fire an event whenever a player chats. Than you inject an event caller at the place where the chat packet gets received.

Or in this case, you want to change the message:

  • Inject a public(or protected) field.
  • Replace the static message with the field.

Yeah, what he said. I would have never guessed that in a million years :stuck_out_tongue:

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I think what you want is called brain fart It starts with a ‘L’ Kinda like localisation. Basically all strings are predefined in a file such as english.js and russian might be russian.js and you could customize it in the language of your choice and execute it.

IIRC there is or was a localization project for base forge I’ll look into it after work I’m sure it’s in the issue tracker somewhere.

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Localization support was already discussed:

I agree. Push everything upstream so everyone else can benefit, not just you/us. I’m sure a lot of people in Forge would love to have customizable messages among other things that people here can think of.