Make fake player for using WorldEdit on command block?

here is some example that i used on my bukkit server
i want to use worldedit on command block so that i can change servers map automatically

anyone make one for me please?
and how that works? (cause im learning to make plugins :smiley: i am very veeeerrrrrrryyyyyyy dumb though :/)

Have you tried contacting the plugin’s dev to see if they are converting it to Sponge?

I can look into remaking this when I get some free time.

As for learning to make a plugin, I suggest taking a look at the documentation and joining the Discord or IRC

its been about an year since his last update, i believe he stop working on it or he can not.
it would be so thankful if you make one.
‘automate worldedit’ is like main function for my server

im still looking for a plugin about fake player command thing
if any one know or make one, please let me know about that :slight_smile:
my server really need that thing