Make /help to show only allowed commands?

So, I have Nucleus as my permission manage plugin, and now I want the /help to only return the commands that are allowed to use by the one who called /help command (default is return all commands and that kinda sucks on the perspective of security).
Nucleus doc said they didn’t touch the help command and it’s sponge’s default command, currently is it possible to do it?

By default sponge does remove commands that the user does not have permission to. However depending on how the command was programmed it may still show up

I was working on a plugin that allowed you to blacklist commands from being shown, i got far, just needed to convert it to pages if i remember. But my life got in the way of developing it

Make sure you’re using the latest Sponge, it was fixed about a month or so ago. You may also want to set enforce-permission-checks-on-non-sponge-commands to true in your config.

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I just reread and registered what you said here. Nucleus does not manage permissions. If you’re not running a separate permission management plugin, that’ll also be why.


Oops, it supposed to be LuckPerms, and I’ve changed the config option to true and it works, thanks!

And yeah, some mods programmed their commands poorly and everyone can access, I’ll see if I can disable them somehow

That’s what enforce-permission-checks-on-non-sponge-commands does for you as we insert the permission check before we even go to the mod in that case. If it’s set to true, you can check to see the permission that is used by using /lp verbose (but, generically, the docs say it is <modid>.command.<commandname>.