Manipulating Maps

Hi Sponge Community,

I’m wondering if it would be easy/possible to add visual things to a map ingame.
The plugin gives the player a map, the map updates if he walks around, on the map he can see the icon of a house where there is a house or he can see an icon of a castle where I set a castle.
The locations of the houses and castles are made in the plugin.


There are several Forge mods for this in 1.7.10. I use Voxelmap.

Without mods, I mean normal maps
In this plugin they made a custom map

That’s totally possible. I just don’t know if it is possible to put it over the default Minecraft map canvas.

Well you may be able to add markers to the maps(The kind that you would have when you have another map with the same id in the area in an item frame or held by someone else.), but you would only get the standard marker and no text saying what the marker is without using mods on the client.

Really this can be done without mods, in a simplistic fashion, buy just putting duplicate maps in item frames around the map and having a player hold the map when they are walking around the map.

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Well you would have to change the internal data of the map item, but as far as I know that’s not too difficult. There are already external tools that allow that.

Can you give examples of those tools ?


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