Massive TPS Drops

Hey guys,
So recently I have been experiencing massive TPS drops on my server. I am using latest sponge forge, 4.2.7 Pixelmon, and latest Forge for 1.8.9. I’m really not sure what’s causing it, so if anyone could help that would be great. Here are two timings reports from my server during the lag (The server is dropping to 8-ish TPS).

Additional Notes:

The lag seems to come and go, so this leads me to believe it’s something a player might be doing to cause this.
From what I can see in the timings reports it looks like it might be grief prevention with the block updates.
The lag gets really bad when there are 30+ people on.

IPRegister looks to be the problem. It’s doing a intensive task on player login, causing huge spikes of upwards of 3-4 ticks.

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It does seem to be IPRegister so thanks @ZephireNZ for pointing out the problem. I plan to release a fix for this within the next few days as well as a few other performance improvements if all goes well. Sorry about the lag.

No worries I am just happy this has been found. Thank you both for the responses.