May I request a username change?

I’m trying to rebrand my online identity, and was wondering if I’m permitted to request my username be changed.

This probably would have been best to ask @DarkArcana or @disconsented in a PM, although I guess this is a good thread to have just so we know if this is permissible (or even possible).

You’re right, but I didn’t see any others on this topic, so I just thought I’d throw my question out there for posterity.

Allowing users to change their own names is possible in Discourse see this topic.
I don’t know how hard it would be for an admin to change a persons username manually without enabling the setting though. It would seem since the option exists in the first place it might not be too hard but I do have a feeling the admins are going to take the side of “If one person gets to do this everyone will want to and we don’t want to enable that setting.” which is perfectly logical. We will just have to wait and see what they say…

It is actually pretty easy. On the admin user page is a “Change Username” button. :slight_smile:

As such, the question isn’t whether they can, but more the point that Robodude raises.

I’ll take it on as a case by case sort of thing. I think it depends on the reasoning. There has already been one person who asked for a name change and we took care of it, though the reason was completely different. As there aren’t a lot of people asking right now, I’ll do it but you have to ask in a PM @caseif. If a lot of people start asking and it becomes burdensome for our admins to handle, then we won’t be doing it as was pointed out by @RobodudeMC.


Sorry, I should have mentioned that @lukegb changed it for me a bit ago. I understand your reasoning for wanting to keep it quiet; I imagine it would get quite annoying as well.

Alright great. Yeah, we don’t mind helping people, we just don’t want it to get out of hand because it’s all volunteer work lol.