MC Eternal v1.3.5.3

Hello there,

I am trying to learn how to run a private minecraft server for friends. I am using my PC to run the server and the client and would like to add the LuckPerms plugin to my server. Much reading ago, I thought that can´t be so hard. My server runs fine, however to use LuckPerms I need a server management mod. I chose Sponge, because LuckPerms has a plugin for it and because there is spongeforge that should do what I need afaik.

My first attempt resulted in a fatal error telling me to load spongeforge first. I did that and got the attached mess back :wink:

I have found and read a similar thread about disabling async_lighting in the sponge global config file and did that. This dump camp on the next server start.

I aware that the Forge build used by the modpack is forge-1.12.2- and the spongeforge version is spongeforge-1.12.2-2838-7.2.2-RC4024. So, does this make my undertaking pointless, or how deep does this rabbithole go?

Thanks for taking the time to read!

P.S: global.conf

optimizations {
# Runs lighting updates asynchronously.
async-lighting {
# If ‘true’, lighting updates are run asynchronously.
# The amount of threads to dedicate for asynchronous lighting updates. (Default: 2)

The mod “LagGoggle” is not compatible with sponge. Here is a compatibility issue list and how to fix them.

Thanks a lot, Ill get to work.

Good morning,

I went through the list, replaced LagGoggles with version 5.8-132 and added TickCentral-2.6. The following is my log now:

Thanks again!


quick update: after re-reading the LagGoggles statement in your post I removed LagGoggles and TickCentral completely, the server starts up now. I will not miss them, there is no lag (yet) :).

Thank you for your time, advice and patience since the info was already out there where I could have checked it.

Headsup, late in server loading I heard a Windows gong and this popped up from the security center (Windows is all patched up on 1909):


Im not part of the sponge team but I have reported about the windows virus issue on SpongeForge only. Its not, its just a false positive.

The only way to get rid of that message is to report it as a false positive to your virus scanner. If they get enough they typically make exceptions for the file.

Excellent, thanks !