MC:PE plugins

At least its good! It works and is perfectly fine. Now we just need a way to get sponge to the general minecraft public once its out

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not true, blocklauncher is a mod loading app for PE and i have a working version of pixelmon on it on my phone as we speak

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Cool. Although I would suspect it’s Android only? (At least, I can’t expect it would work on iOS without jailbreaking. And the situation may or may not be similar on Windows Phone and/or Windows 10.)

yeah I have android so I can only confirm it for that

I can confirm for IOS that it is not and never going to be on IOS. In the end it would require jailbreak and Apple would reject it anyway. It will probably never be seen on Iphones and Ipads and so on.

We’ll see an official plugin API for PE though. And according to Searge it’ll run on all platforms.

Yea I have known that since Minecon. I am excited to see them come so soon! They are being considerd Add-Ons and will be more will be added to allow more with add-ons. These are coming to console too so console players get a more PC experience. Idk about if they will be the same as PE but I heard they will be combining platforms but that could be wrong anyway. I am looking forward to whatever happens anyway.