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Sponge is a new beginning and people like to create new ideas. I have a strong feeling Sponge will not come to MC:PE. Also MC:PE is written in C++ and not everyone knows that programming language. New developers will probably come to make plugins for Pocket Edition just like when it came to Sponge. Will the plugins from Sponge diverge from the plugins made for the Pocket Edition. Or since Sponge is so new the ideas are fresh from new minds and developers will the Pocket Edition get similar plugins just with some different developers? Sponge strives to be different from Bukkit almost so that some big plugins may never be ported. Will the same thing happen when Pocket Edition Minecraft supports plugins. Will their plugins diverge from the new Sponge? What do you think will happen.

And on another topic that is going to be complete guesses. How well made do you think this new API from the official developers will be? Will it take inspiration from the great things from Bukkit, and Sponge? And do you think it will support mods like how forge does. Like in ways where they can add their own blocks and all the things that mods have been made possible using forge.

Just to disclaim I am NOT saying forge mods and Bukkit and Sponge plugins should work. And we will not know for absolute sure until we see it and what happens. I want to see a few predictions from people who have their own opinions and maybe smarter then me.

I hope to see some diverse opinions. These are opinion based because we can’t really know for sure now.

Yes it diverges since the programming language is differednt.
Note: You can create custom servers in java that supports PE protocol.

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That doesn’t mean a Java API couldn’t be written. Because it’s all of the network, as long as the same protocol is being used, the client and server don’t care what language they’re written in. I think its possible Sponge will have a fork for pocket edition in the future…

Not really a fork, possibly just add some stuff in extra package.

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The only problem I see with that is the fact that MC:PE has a (slightly) different feature set, and certain things currently in sponge would function differently/not at all on PE.

@Socratic_Phoenix That wasn’t the reason why I said Sponge will probably not be ported. I see it not to be needed if the MC:PE plugin support is made well. There may be an API/Library mod for Sponge that adds a similar hook to making plugins like Sponge which hooks into the main API. What I mean is Sponge could be an API library mod on MC:PE to create a similar/identical API for creating plugins so developers may not have to completely use a different API. As @liach did mention they could do that to create more for plugins that Sponge has but the official API doesn’t. I definitely see that happening too.

Also @Socratic_Phoenix MC:PE does have a different feature set (now) but in the future it will catch up completely. It’s doing that right now with 1.10 features.

@liach Your note intrests me. First does that mean my Java Minecraft server can support MC:PE players to join? Or is it that a pocket edition server can be written in Java and still work. If so how?

What do you guys think. Do you think it will also support forge like mods? Adding blocks and all that?

This one. You can’t use the PC server for PE, but you could write a server in Java. The reason for this is that it doesn’t matter the language of the client or server. All the communication between them is done over the Internet, so as long as they send data back in forth in the same way, (theoretically) any language with net libraries could be used.

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Unfortunately, no. To add blocks (or similar), you would need to modify the client (this is the same for both PC and PE). And from what I’ve heard, it’s pretty difficult to modify MCPE for Android, and impossible to do it on iOS without a jailbreak.

Thats why they are adding support for mods.

Okay, let me rephrase this: It is impossible to modify the Minecraft Pocket Edition app. It is possible to create a custom Minecraft Pocket Edition server, but you cannot do anything that would require adding features to the app.

Allow me to rephrase for @SuperMarioCraft_Gam: Mojang is planning on adding a ModAPI to MC:PE and Console (Especially PE), very soon… It wouldn’t modify the app, as the api would be built in, but the mods could potentially create textures, etc.


Exactly! Yes! Someone gets it!

More @SuperMarioCraft_Gam I suggest you to take a look at:

DragonProxy supports PE clients to connect to SpongeVanilla.

Wait, there’s going to be a plugin API for Minecraft Pocket Edition? Didn’t know that!

That was my assumption, yes. A couple YouTubers have been talking about it.

They say their source is Twitter, but I’ve no Twitter account…

@JBYoshi Yes its coming for the next update! 0.15.0 Glad you learned something here.
@liach Amazing I am going to have to try this out. Thank you so much! I never knew about this

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Found this link, posting it for reference…


Seems like Plugin API is coming exclusively for MC:PE:

But we don’t know when (and most likely it will be within the bounds of simple scripts). But it’s still more than nothing.


[quote]Plugins coming to Minecraft PE/Win10 edition. C# code modules usable by AddOns. Slightly more restricted than Java ed. mods.
Plugins are used as source, compiled when loaded. Early development, not coming in next version.
Plugins can be packaged with addons, code, resources together to mod new things into the game.
Reloading a level will recompile and reload all plugins in the final version. No hot-reloading while in game.
“You forgot return true”! Real-time panel coop coding going on with @SeargeDP and a room full of programmers.
The demo at the moment shows one plugin depending on another plugin. Dependencies can be hard or soft.
First preview version of plugins planned to early 2017. First milestone: access everything in game. Second: add new content.
Plugins and Addons planned for all platforms with PE support. Can be exported with worlds and shared, including realms.
Animations not data driven in first version, will be coming later. Addons/plugins are specifically for PE/Win10, not Java.
First version will be heavily sandboxed, no access to external resources to keep plugins safe for all players.
New UI system is being made with the goal of being able to make new UI with resource packs combined with C# code.
Main difference between PE/Win10 ed Addons/Plugins and Java ed mods is plugin API is meant to be stable over new versions.
Priorities: finish work on mobs, then blocks & items as Addons, then global behavior.
And that’s the panel wrapped up. #Minecon2016[/quote]

Yep, looks like their AddOn, well, “API” will only be available for MC:PE and its forks (MC:Win10 Beta,…).
So we won’t see an official API on Java MC… Looks like SpongeAPI will be our longterm solution <3