MChat-Sponge [v0.1]

MChat - Chat formatting plugin


  • Provides chat message formatting
  • Provides a reload command (/mchat reload [info/config/censor] = mchat.reload)
  • Provides Prefix/Suffix support to players join/leave/kick/ban messages
  • Custom leave/join/kick messages
  • Supports All major Perm plugins **WIP**
  • Supports Color code **WIP**
  • Defaults to normal formatting if nothing defined in config
  • Config is auto-created and auto-updated
  • Can switch to API only mode
  • 3 Different Colour Code types
  • Custom Variables

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This is a Bukkit Plugin…

Current API

import ca.q0r.sponge.mchat.MChat;

//Use something like this to check if MChat is installed:
MChat mPlugin = (MChat) GameInstance.getPluginManager().getPlugin("MChat");

if (mPlugin != null) {

Current Doxygen Javadocs

Javadocs are created for each Dev build that is built through the Travis-CI build server.

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It is being updated for Sponge. I have yet to update the references on this post. That is why it is in WIP.


Fair enough. :stuck_out_tongue:

References updated :smiley:

It still hurts when i look at the code…

At some places you repeat yourself multiple times like:

// Initialize Classes

// Register Events

// Setup Commands

Oh really, your doing what you just wrote? Never expected that!

Or lets take another example, which does exactly the opposite:

String p = "user";
String t = "player";
String T = "Player";
String uuid = "";

if (type == InfoType.GROUP) {
    p = "group";
    t = "group";
    T = "Group";

What are you declaring there?

I don’t like to rant, but this extremely hurt me.


I didn’t know my code would upset you so much! I will work on making it more readable.

Pushed a commit with slightly cleared code.

Any updates on the progress of mchat for sponge? I am running mymcadmin and it utilizes mchat for additional functionality, however if you have plans on creating a forge version of mchat (would be amazing). I would much appreciate it!

Not much progress as of yet. I will look into both API’s in the near future.