MCMoji - Adds emoji to Minecraft

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It’s emoji, in Minecraft. Not sure how else to explain it.
Type :emojiname: in chat and it’ll get replaced with an emoji.


If your server uses a custom resource pack, you’ll need to merge it with the one hosted on GitHub, and then set it under resource-pack in the config. Otherwise, leave it blank. If your server’s resource pack is already being set by something else, e.g. or a plugin, set send-pack to false to not force the pack on login.

Custom emoji names can be placed in the JSON files, and new JSON files can be created; follow the examples of the ones provided.

If you set enable-permissions to true, then you will need mcmoji.emoji.<emojiname> to use that emoji. Note that only the aliases in filenames.json can be used in the permission.

If pack-fetch-kind is dynamic, the resource pack will be updated whenever I update it. If it’s static, it will always stay the same for the version of MCMoji you’ve downloaded. Balance automatic updates with guaranteed stability, your choice.

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A new version has been released for MCMoji, it is available for download here.

Adds emoji to Minecraft.

A new version has been released for MCMoji, it is available for download here.

  • Added reloading.
  • Added the option to not force the pack on login.
  • Added the option to use an alternate gun emoji.
  • Changed the URL of the pack. The old one will be deleted soon, please update.
  • Fixed an emoji-sorting issue. It is encouraged that you delete the configuration folder so the files can be regenerated; until you do so, all emojis between :eagle: and :elf-medium-skin-tone: will be mismatched.
  • Added tab-completion. Until SV#406 is resolved, this does not work on SpongeVanilla.

1.0 will break soon. For the eleven of you that have already downloaded it, please update.

Will there ever be an option for permission based emotes? We have an in-game leveling system that’s based on players in-game playtime (it goes from 1-20). So it would be nice if we could give access to emojis for everyone at level 2 and also some custom exclusive ones for the higher ranks that have more playtime.

I’m working on it.

A new version has been released for MCMoji, it is available for download here.

  • Added dynamic vs static pack fetching.
  • Added per-emoji permissions.
  • Updated to use Twemoji instead of JoyPixels.

If a resource pack is not used, does this use unicode emojis?

No. Minecraft’s font renderer is not capable of interpreting characters over two bytes wide, which all emoji are. A resource pack is always used; the default one is one I’ve made out of the Twemoji set.

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Do you guys have a Discord channel?

I don’t think I need one. The forum serves my purposes well enough.