MCP on gradle module

Hi! I’m reestructuring one of my biggest proyects, moving all its code into modules. Before I did that MCP was working perfectly, remapping all the minecraft methods the plugin uses, but now that code is in a module and MCP is not working. Searching a solution I’ve found that MCP needs to run the task ‘build’ for remapping, and that’s impossible if I want to compile the whole plugin. Is there a way to make MCP work without using that task?

You might want to fiddle with the Gradle task reobfJar.

But normally executing build should be no problem, it is the standard way of building a project.

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I’ll try that task, thanks.

MCP is in the module, not in the root, and “:root:build” doesn’t call the build tasks of the modules. That’s why I have this problem. :confused:

It worked! Thanks! :smiley:

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