MCP + Sponge how to register custom Entity?

Any idea how to register entity.class (extends from Armorstand) to Forge Gameregister?
in 1.9 it was Very easy but now Forge use an event that u have Listen for to Register a custom entity.
But i cant listen to it in a Sponge plugin

Maybe there is a way with mixin to add a listener to sponge?

Just write the registration as a Forge mod would and use the sponge api otherwise where necessary. The reason why the API doesn’t support registering custom entities is because there’s a lot that Forge already handles and Sponge is not going to go and duplicate on top of it.

I can’t [WIP] Introduce entity entry builder by kashike · Pull Request #4408 · MinecraftForge/MinecraftForge · GitHub because i have to listen to a Event from FML and this is imposible with sponge

Sponge is not an API for making these modifications to the game. If you want to create your own entities, blocks, items, or whatever else then you must work with Forge. Your project may use the SpongeAPI if you choose, but what you’re looking to do requires Forge - Sponge will not (and should not) provide a system to do that for you.