MCServerHosting - Server Install/Quickstart


I am here to offer my services for a limited amount of time in order to get your server onto our hosting platform.

A brief overview of their features

Unlimited Bandwidth

Like who in the world charges for this? Remember that one hosting company that charged 5$ per GB? Not here. Not ever.

Security & DDOS Protection
The latest and greatest backend security built on a data center that can withstand the largest Layer 3-4 attacks.

60 Day Backups
Rest assured. Your data is safe. Your plan comes with incremental backups of your entire server folder. Roll back to recover the server for old time’s sake.

All the Access
You are granted full SFTP, SSH and RCON access to your server. No limits to your access, no “Minecraft only” access. The entire server is yours to do with what you will.

Since we sponsor sponge (and we love you guys) I am honestly willing to do this for free if you purchase a plan with us and provide the email you registered with in private a message + bump this thread so other users can see this.

We offer everything form i7s to 60-day backup intervals to unlimited bandwidth. Pricing is very fair too and beats a lot of other competitors.

If you provide me with your discord webhook information I would be happy to set up a join bot for you as well.

So yeah, inquire below! See our updated site I worked on yesterday for additional details.

Thanks - quantomworks

We are happy to inform everyone that, after taking in user feedback into account, we have successfully upgraded our console. The following new features are now in effect.

UI/UX Improvements:

  • Removed “Typing Effect”
  • Autoscroll when running a command
  • Autofocus on console based on a window click
  • All commands are now on the same page
  • Simplified plan structure (All plans are now on C3 servers that use i7-7700Ks, NVMe, and 2400 DDR4 RAM)

System Improvements:

  • Automated DNS entries/subdomain generation via CloudFlare for near-instant Propagation
  • Less than 20-second deployment times with Node v10 & CentOS integration
  • Less than 60-second mail delivery notice via

We hope you enjoy these new features. Please look forward to future updates regarding improvements to our site and console.