Mcstats recreation

Because of mcstats has some downtime, and the owner is inactive, so new projects are not getting his owner, disallowing new projects to have custom graphs. As I have no experience with building websites, can someone please recreate something like mcstats?

It’d need to be someone quite reliable. I’d imagine that MCStats is using quite a fancy system to host all the plugin data and accommodate all the connections it receives from thousands of servers. I doubt just anyone is gonna whip something like that up soon. It’d be much simpler if MCStats can port to Sponge, as their systems are already in place. Not to mention I’d be skeptical of plugins claiming to be like MCStats, as it has access to collecting all sorts of info and sending it to some server elsewhere and you’d think nothing of it. I’d be more trustworthy of the MCStats team handling it if they could.

It would be easy to port mcstats. But Hidendra, the owner of mcstats is inactive as far as I know.

Hard to imagine a single person handling that entire thing. I’d hope he’d have some sort of team that could handle it to some extent, but I’m not familiar with him or his team. Just hoping it doesn’t have to be re-created entirely. Would be a rough start I’d imagine with tons of server issues before getting it straightened out, if someone could get a server to handle that much traffic, afford it, and adhere to the idea that devs aren’t generally paid for writing. Wouldn’t seem stable to boot until it picked up a fair bit of momentum.

Hidendra is the only owner of mcstats, as far as I know. But as you can see his last login is on 9 may. His last github activity is on 20 july, but nobody can contact her on some way and not any project ownership is getting approved on mcstats.

Oh, I see. Maybe ditched after the mess with Bukkit or prior for some reason, but I can only hope they’ll return. Seems strange to leave the site running if it’s abandoned. Or even not to post an update pertaining to their absence.

20 july is prior the bukkit mess. But yes it is Strange.

Perhaps it should be hosted by the spongepowered teem, and the api built into, or at least an add on to, the sponge api.

Just a thought as this really needs to be maintained by some sort of organization and not an individual.

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I got my project ownership a few weeks ago on MCStats.

Will possibly be working on something like this, sounds like a fun project to try out. I’ll probably wait for at least the basis of sponge to be finished so I can have access to the necessary API methods and such.

Weird, my ownership is pinging for 2 months