MCUnderworld: Stoneblock 2 v1.15.0

I see so many lost souls wandering about. Find a home inside my empire, The Underworld! My empire needs to grow so lets make a deal, I give you an kingdom to build to your liking and my empire grows, whatcha say?

Don’t worry the Underworld will make sure you have some supplies to get started. If you ever need extra materials you can always earn some cash through voting, jobs, playtime, ranking up and even selling some items yourself.

Now I can’t spoil all the goodies, join me and find out what the Underworld has in store for you.

Server IP:

May still find issues or bugs.

Any issues please let me know on our discord:

Currently working on vote keys and crates. Anyone knowledgeable on teslacrates or any of the sponge crate plugins. feel free to dm me on my discord.