Meeting of Sponge Docs Staff (Contributors welcome)

G’day Everyone.

I want to gather the Sponge Docs Staff together for a discussion about some important issues. It is planned to be an open, informal meeting, and any and all Docs Contributors are also welcome.

  • The proposed time and date: 10:00 am UTC, November 1st, 2015, until ~12:00 noon.
  • The Venue: the #spongedocs channel on espernet IRC

This time was chosen at least in part to be viable for our German documentation staff.

The Agenda (to be approximated in no particular order):

  1. Milestones & Millstones
  2. Who can do What
  3. Priorities of Issues
  4. Recruiting or Cloning more Documentors
  5. Environmentally safe handling of FLARD
  6. Questions from the Floor (or Cupboard, Sink, etc).

As Sponge is getting near release (for some values of “near”), we want to be able to prioritise what we can do, and how we do it. If all goes to plan, the Docs will soon be needed by a great many more folk than at present.

Paging @boformer, @Saladoc, @Tzk, @Zirconium, @hawtre, and @FerusGrim (just for fun).
Please let me know if you plan to attend, or if we need to find a better time/date.


I’ll very unlikely be up at 6 in the morning. :stuck_out_tongue: But don’t reschedule on my account. <3

6am for me too… I’ll try to wake up for it

I’ll be there, unless I get shot by a skeleton until then.

How come all guys above me have cool titles next to their names :open_mouth:
Hmm, If it’s 6am for Zirconium, maybe we can adjust a bit?


The proposed time is subject to adjustment, correction and/or surgical modification.
We could start a couple of hours later (ie 12 noon UTC) to allow Zirconium and others a chance to be in on it. I don’t want it to drag later than that, as it would conclude at midnight on Sunday for me.

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Honestly, it’s fine. It won’t kill me to wake up a bit early (I wake up at 5:20 for school anyway). I appreciate the concern, though.